Mobile Proximity Marketing

Instant Marketing to Consumers Who Are Near or In Your Business

As a consumer gets in proximity or enters your business, you can instantly trigger timely and relevant content with the use of Apple’s indoor positioning system, iBeacon and our LBS-Connect platform.

How it Works

First you will need to strategically deploy the iBeacons throughout your business. Using our LBS-Connect platform, create the content that you want a consumer to receive depending on their location. Any consumer who has downloaded your iBeacon-enabled app and has accepted to receive notifications will receive the specific content associated with the iBeacon that they are in proximity of.

It’s Measurable

Our solution allows you to capture customer data such as dwell times, traffic patterns, shopping behavior, phone information and much more for building highly targeted content for maximizing campaign success.

Get started with proximity or location-based marketing and encourage consumers to take immediate action when it counts – in your business.