Mobile Advertising

We take a new approach to the mobile advertising space by understanding and targeting consumers based on their real world geo-patterns. Understanding a consumer’s lifestyle in the real world versus the online world has a tremendous amount of value. The location data that is being compiled allows us to target based on an a large number of custom behavioural segments. After a campaign we are able to deliver market first attribution metrics. With the “Real Time Verified Walk In” metric we can track physical store front visits in real-time, optimizing the mobile impressions against their ability to drive store visits, as opposed to online benchmarks like effective click through rate. This is a game changer to the digital eco-system.


our Partner owns and operates their own proprietary data stack, including a demand-side platform (DSP) and data management platform (DMP). Within the technology stack we have our own ad server, bidding optimizer, fraud detection and longitude/latitude verification technology.


We work with all major mobile supply-side platforms (SSP), accessing over 200,000 location-enabled applications with a monthly volume of over 20 billion impressions in Canada. With this enormous base we can scale out any and all behavioral segments.


Our continuous innovation means we outperform industry standards and our competitors within the Canadian mobile marketplace. Connect with us to learn how our data driven capabilities can help you reach and engage your target audience.



Mobile and OOH integration

Today’s consumers go about their day continuously being exposed to influential outdoor advertising messages. As they become increasingly connected, mobile devices become an essential tool throughout their path to purchase. OOH mobile integration creates one-to-one conversations by delivering your brand’s actionable touch point directly to a consumer’s smartphone, empowering them to engage immediately on your outdoor advertising message. We optimize the mobile integrated impressions against their ability to drive consumers to physical store front, as opposed to online metrics like effective click through rates. This is a game changer within the digital eco-system.

At the local level or across Canada, OOH mobile integration amplifies your Out-of-Home campaign’s ability to influence consumers at key times throughout their path to purchase.


OOH Exposure

Your brand’s amplified message on premium outdoor advertisement grabs audiences’ attention as they pass by.

Immediate Actionable Touch Point

Beyond the OOH, we connect active consumers to your brand message on their devices and offer an immediate way to engage.


At influential times and places we send your brand message again encouraging consumers to take action.

Real-Time Verified Walk-In

Measure the effectiveness of the campaign through physical store front visits in real-time.