MediaBoro is proud to announce it’s North American partnership with WindowSketch


An Exciting New Wave of Advertising that Generates Sales and Revenue through Digital Signage and Narrowcasting Systems.


Your Business and WindowSketch: A Revenue Generating Match Made in Digital Heaven


Digital Signage is all about getting the right content to the right people.

That’s the reason we’d rather call it ‘Narrowcasting’ instead of ‘Broadcasting’. Unlike traditional print media, digital signage offers you a platform where you can create and change content for your target audience quickly and efficiently. Our system works with your specific content and audience, creating a lean and mean distribution system.





WindowSketch: Everything In One Place

Your business will be able to convert your print and digital content in different formats as well as delivering priceless, state-of-the-art analytics.

Because your advertising content will be digital, changing formats and content will be a breeze. Moreover, you will have access to valuable analytics, such as who saw your advertisements,how old they were, what gender they were and more. It sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Having this information at your fingertips in real-time will change the face of your advertising forever.

Want to target a specific demographic? We can do that. By determining the age and gender of a specific demographic, you can create an advertisement just for them. Our systems scan passersby – your potential customers – and show them the adverts you want them to see. We also know all about the weather outside of your store, so we can adjust the content accordingly. Umbrella anyone?

Need last minute changes for your content? We can respond quickly to your advertising needs with short notice by providing unique solutions such as stills, animation or video production.

Behind The Scenes
Of course, this all runs on sophisticated hard- and software alike. We use the most innovative products in the market due to partnerships with leading providers in addition to ongoing research by our own engineers. We won’t however bother you too much with that. We don’t want you to notice the equipment and we do that by making sure it always works. We just want you to look at the sales figures. And smile. And yes, we can even detect that.

Contact us for more information about how to monetize the unused space in your stores.

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